Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why We Are Crazy- Part One

America is mentally ill -and like all crazy people we don't think we are crazy. It isn't just the crazy talk and crazy viewpoints of crazy politicians-it's the crazy ideas we have been brainwashed to believe.
Ideas are like a virus that spreads from person to person-from parent to child until the entire population is infected with an ideology of the insane.

Some people are immune with a super resistance and have the ability to discern manipulation from the truth and can see a con from a mile away.- these people are becoming an endangered species. In a world growing more and more corrupt the wise American seems out numbered.

We weren't born insane but years of twisted ideas have led many of to us to believe capitalism alone is what makes America great - and has deluded the average American to believe that in order to be perceived by others as successful means embracing a capitalistic belief that having more means being better than.

 Many Americans have devoted the whole of their lives in the endless pursuit of conspicuous consumption, a paradigm that has robbed them of time with family, alienated them from neighbors-dismantling community and- creating an insane fearfulness of losing it all. Seeing so many people stripped of their wealth as with the current foreclosure scam  must finally prove to us all that most of us were living in a fantasy world created by the capitalists in charge. The banks-Wall street-and the corporations who molded us to believe-through advertising that being who we were-having what we had was not enough.

Predatory advertising is a cunning art, designed to separate you from your money by creating an atmosphere of inadequacy in the consumer (you) which their product or service can cure. Only there is no cure because they need unhealthy consumers to feed their greed so the stakes get higher and higher until everything collapses.

Since 1950 the average American home has doubled in size even though the family unit is smaller. Larger homes provide more storage for products-multiple garages for larger vehicles. Think of the explosion of the SUV  a ridiculously over sized gas guzzler driven exclusively in the urban landscape. A bigger house means higher utilities, higher insurance premiums, maintenance, expensive appliances,and furniture. All these perks advertised to you by snake oil salesmen of the corporation of greed.

Bigger is not better-it's just bigger and takes more of your life's currency to acquire and maintain.

So  why does our life's currency come so cheap? We were sold a bag of goods by profiteers whose only function is to enrich themselves-preying on our fears of inadequacy by using pretty images of "a better life" as a means to undermine our own.

The advertising dealers had to first get us to try the conspicuous consumption drug -and once tasted we were hooked making us their host -on which they feed as long as their junkie has the ability to pay.

Unaware Americans yielding to constant onslaught of advertising throughout most of their lives fell into a spell of an American dream on steroids. Simplicity was passe' something to assign to the tasteless and elderly in a media created culture of youth and beauty, riches and dream houses.Conservatives who once preached "saving for a rainy day" were now crying , the true American way.

The Banking Pimps
 It is these mixed messages that say "buy only what you can afford" from lenders who then explain your fears away offering more than you need -in terms of home loans and easy credit. They convince you using their once trusted expertise to buy that bigger house to fatten your own portfolio, assuring the buyer that it is best to invest in your future now-as home values are the safety net to assure a secure future. Once in -the home lenders then bombard homeowners with advertising for pre-qualified equity loans-again conning people into believing they are investing in themselves. It was a scam-and banks are the biggest looters of the American middle class in history.

Two faced conservative hypocrites-now criticize the very people they conned into believing their lie. Blaming the victim as being "foolish-greedy and uninformed".When in fact they purposely misled the lambs to a well planned crooked slaughter.
This is absolute proof that business left unregulated is business poised for destruction.When there are too many predators feeding off the flock-the only recourse is eliminate them-otherwise they create havoc consuming every last sheep -before feeding on each other.

To the big banks and mega corporations we the people are just dumb sheep eager to be fleeced. When they have taken all you have created with your life's currency they will target your children with their propaganda.

Remember what your Mother taught you-live within your means and as much as we hate to admit it- in this case mother was right and now we are forced to admit...

-Mother knows best.

Save your money. Stay out of debt!


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