Saturday, November 13, 2010

Science Is The Devil's Art

For every truth based on fact-there is someone somewhere who will deny it.

In the case of global climate change scientists have been building their case for over thirty years. The world at large believes in the facts presented and much of the worlds population have seen its direct effects right in their own back yards. Yet here in America conservatives are it's biggest deniers -with half of 112th congress members flat out calling it a hoax.

Rep.Darell Issa (R-Calif.) the incoming head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has pledged to hold hearings on the "Politicization of Science." which consists of re-hashing of the so called "Climate Gate" scandal in which hacked emails were cherry picked by climate change deniers- seeking evidence that global climate change is a hoax.

Though 97% of the worlds scientists agree- conservatives are convinced these scientists are all in cahoots attempting to pull off the worlds biggest practical joke....ever.

Thank heavens we have Daryll Issa and the Republican good guys on our side to bust those- uppity- smarty pants scientists.

Everyone knows scientists just think they are better than us....hiding in those laboratories all day doing god knows what.... They probably figured out a way to cause climate change anyway... if it was real- but it's not -(I'm just sayin)...just to get attention- because they're all nerds ya know.

The Republicans are back!. Praise Jesus!..... It's time for a witch hunt!'s time for an inquisition, interrogation,  investigation of these climate change liars by the climate change deniers.Who only have  big oil, coal, gas, big polluters  America's best interest in mind. And as everyone knows America is- the- only -country- in -the- world that matters..... Just ask Rush.

Representative John Shimkus of Illinois who is vying for chair of the House Energy Committee- says, "The earth will end only when god declares it's time to be over. Man will not destroy the earth." Clearly not a man of science he will find some stiff competition for that chair in the form of Joe Barton (R-TX) who believes climate change is "natural" and the solution-"get some shade." Smokey Joe Barton's most recent memorable stance on his concern for environmental issues was his apology to BP oil executive Tony Hayworth during hearings on the Gulf oil disaster. Smokey (named for his efforts on behalf of big polluters) Joe is known for referring to the EPA as "job killers." and stalled congressional efforts to decrease power plant emissions.

Big time-big polluting European firms have funded Tea Party climate deniers 80% - of campaign donations from major firms like BP  and Bayer went to politians opposed to action on climate change like Jim DeMint and James Inohofe. And  a New York Times poll revealed only 14% of Tea Party members believe warming is taking place as opposed to 49% of the rest of Americans..... Just ask Sarah.

Witch Hunt

A subpoena issued by Virginia's attorney general Ken Cucinelli asking University of Virginia to hand over any and all research material produced by the environmental scientist Michael Mann along with threats made by Senator James Inohofe calling for criminal investigations of climate scientists involved in the supposed "climate gate" scandal have scientists on the defensive. Many have already been targeted by threats via the Internet exposing their home addresses and phone numbers.

Seems science is the devil's art....And the Inquisitor General Issa (also known as the richest member of congress) is leader of the witch hunt. It's too bad though that he doesn't spend some of his personal money (approx.$250million) on his witch hunt-instead of using tax payer funds.

Witch hunting is a pretty expensive hobby and not many Americans can afford even a vacation these days.
The last big witch hunt-the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal cost us nearly 80 million dollars. Pretty pricey hobbies- these witch hunts. But in the Republican way of thinking they are actually saving us money in the long run. If Global Climate change can be de-bunked then there will be no reason to invest in green technology.No reason to cap emissions-no reason to protect the environment from pollution.

The Republicans are just protecting your freedoms-ya know-  big polluters  average American -to continue in the old ways of plunder at will- where the bottom line is the most important value held by the "values voters."

And when the earth can't take anymore of our reckless ways -the Republicans will find a solution-they will just hire god to clean it all up-because as we all know..... god belongs to them.

Just ask Glen.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something,when his salery depends upon his not understanding it."-Upton Sinclair


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