Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture For One

Today is May 21, a very significant day for many fans of Harold Camping an eighty-some year old evangelist who spent many years working out the numbers for rapture day.

With his figures calculated with biblical ties he hammered down a date when the truly spiritual will be lifted from the earth en mass through the pearly gates of heaven into the great beyond.

For Harold that day is today...for James that day was yesterday.

On May 20 2011 my dearest friend and partner was self - raptured with a hand gun.

If the definition of rapture is to be lifted of lifes' burdens and become embraced in the light..then surely he was.

Knowing this is enough.

Knowing he is in a better place is enough.

Knowing he is finally free is enough.

Now he watches us .. as we go through our daily struggles - battling our petty demons - running our hamster wheel marathons, while postponing today by chasing tomorrow -

He watches.

And smiles, his blue eyes burn with an inner fire... mixed with sadness and sorrow...

Steeped in love.

"You guys just don't get it." Is what he says.

You're right Jim...most of us never get it.

See you next time around.

Wait for me.


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Ginger said...

OMG - you have my deepest sympathies. I just lost my SO this past Jan 31st and the pain is still fresh. Be strong, hold tight, and know that there are blessings coming down the pipe...