Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maybe it's Time to Replace Congress with People.

With a 9% approval rating our Congress seems to be proving the Republican talking point that 'government is the problem."

The only thing Congress seems to accomplish these days is passing bills that do absolutely nothing to improve or resolve any of America's serious problems, unless of course you were losing sleep at night worrying about our nations motto not being  In God We Trust. Even though this bumper-sticker logo wasn't being threatened with a replacement, (although America Sucks  might actually be more relevant) republicans were incensed when President Obama mentioned e pluribus unum as being the correct motto meaning: One of many.

These Republicans just had to waste more money and Congressional time to remind Obama who really runs the country.

Our clueless Congress doesn't even seem to read the new data from one of their own agencies- like the Census Bureau that finds an all time high poverty rate (since the original depression) spiking at 16%-- or 49.1 million people in America living at or below the poverty rate. This will be the good news coming 2012, as our spin masters will look back and declare--"See... things are getting better!"

Last weeks' bad news becomes today's good...even though it's a lie.

To the 1% money just becomes numbers. As these numbers rise and fall they take a laisezsez faire approach to cash. Take the emotion out of it. Once you have enough money that allows you not to worry about tomorrow you become relaxed in your own sense of entitlement. You are secure in knowing which car to drive today--which college the kids will be attending, and how many generations of your own family you will provide for in the future.

Everything is cool in your world..... just chill.

As Congress proceeds to get nothing done due to so-called bipartisan bickering remember this;

They work less. They produce less and they voted themselves a pay raise. And if those worthless slackers of the "Super Congress" don't come up with some plan for deficit reduction by November 23rd the god's of the ratings agencies will further down-grade our credit status.

And we get hammered for having a crappy credit score.

By the close of 2011 our Worthless Congress will have worked only 109 days. And they have the nerve to complain about teachers getting the summer off.

It comes as no surprise there is an Occupy movement.

How would "Doing a Congress" apply in your real life? Imagine using these tactics to solve real life problems.

Just try grid-lock with your spouse-- I dare you.

Try brinkmanship on the job-- I dare you.

Tell your eighty -year old Mother to stop expecting someone else to pay the PUD bill she can no longer afford because Ben Bernanke dropped her interest rate on her CD in order to bail out Bank of America.

Tell your wife of 30 years she's  just going to have to" suck it up" and forgo that cancer surgery because America needs to provide for Israel.

Imagine only working 105 days out of 365 and still be able to go on vacation and send the kids to college and save for your retirement.

As much as Republicans claim to hate government, they sure love working for it. Where else can you get a job that only pays roughly $175 K to start, and at the end of your term you come out a multi-millionaire complete with generous life-long retirement packages? All paid for by your sick Mother, or wife, or son.

Government must be a pretty sweet deal indeed-- no wonder they want to keep it for themselves, and control it.

Republicans are the Carp in the pond.
Big Fish--Little Pond

Both Republicans and Democrats are in the pockets of Big-Daddy Corporation and the Kings of Wall Street.
Just listen to the rhetoric, especially from the right-wing news propagandists who claim; over half of all Americans don't pay taxes. What they forget to mention is they count children, disabled, and retired people in their numbers.

How many 10 year-olds' do you know that pay taxes? And what about dead people? If you die in June-your death won't be "officially" counted until the following year. How many dead people are being counted as not paying taxes?

They forget to tell you those facts...on purpose.

They misuse the word "entitlement." In Republicrat double-speak entitlement is akin to Welfare. This word has been more maligned than the word 'freedom.' To be entitled to something means it is owed to you. Social Security is an entitlement because you paid the government an insurance premium in your working years that 'entitles' you to your payout when you retire. Medicare is the same--you paid for it, and the government used those collective monies to invest and grow those accounts to provide for future generations.

To call Social Security a "Ponzi scheme" is no different than calling your car insurance a Ponzi scheme.

But they don't tell you that either. No, they try to turn us against each other in a feeble, predictable attempt to draw awareness from the real crooks and liars, to focus on those with the least as being the real problem in America--the poor, the elderly, children, and those falling into the pit of poverty, each and every day.

It's your fault if you're not rich.

At least we can be comforted to know In God We Trust will be our national motto in hard times to come- to lift us up from our miserable lives as a kind of American cheer brought to us by our so-called leaders sponsored by the1%.

WE ARE THE  99% Expect us.
It's a kind of Plutocrat's -- Go team go!

What they don't seem to know, or want to understand just that we are on to them.

The Sheeple have awakened.

Become a serf or fight back.

You are the 99%

Say it out loud............... say it again. 


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